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Emerging Girls Rugby

Emerging Girls Rugby Mission Statement

Our objective is to provide more female students the opportunity to play rugby. We believe students, schools, and communities benefit tremendously from the introduction of a rugby program, and see the positive impacts almost instantly. 

What is an Emerging Sport

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) Board of Directors approved the creation of an Emerging Sport classification during the summer of 2021. Much like the NCAA's Emerging Sports, this classification allows sports with smaller levels of school participation to have a pathway to achieve full sponsorship by the PIAA.

The Emerging Girls Rugby 25

PIAA policy states that a sport will be consider fully sponsored when the number of member senior high schools with programs reaches 100. The new emerging sport classification will require only 25 schools per gender to sponsor the sport, including varsity, club, and co-op based programs. Rugby PA is in the process of getting 25 school based programs, to commit to participating in a new Scholastic Sevens Season in the spring of 2025.

Why Rugby

Rugby is unique from other scholastic sports, as it provides opportunities that others don’t. We believe that your students and school could benefit in the following ways:

  • Access to an Inclusive Community
  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health Benefits
  • Title IX Compliance
  • Scholarship and Career Opportunities
  • Education for Injury Prevention
  • Low Cost Accessible

Next Steps

Rugby PA is committed to working with anyone who is interested in starting a new school based team. Whether that's a high school varsity program or club team, we are here to help! No matter if you are an Athletic Director, Teacher, Parent, Player, or ex-rugger, you can be a catalyst for a new team.

Please complete our Prospect Form using the link above. This will allow us to know your intentions, and to ensure Rugby PA is supporting you in every way that we can. If you have any questions, please contact Rugby PA Executive Director Dylan Hamilton.


Below are documents to help you prepare and contact your school administration

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